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Solar Rack System

  • Solar Accessories

    Solar Accessories

    FOEN Ground Screw is the new foundation type for the ground mounting system. The Application has been widely applied to develop ground solar projects. Due to its unique design and durable quality, FOEN Ground Screws ensure clients a simpler & Faster installation with high effectiveness.


  • Roof Solution

    Roof Solution

    Tile Roof Solar Mounting System is specially developed for both residential and commercial rooftop solar installations.

  • Ground Mount Solution

    Ground Mount Solution

    Ground Mounted PV Racking Systems are specially designed for large commercial and public utility power stations. Labor cost and installation time can be reduced because of pre-assembled support.

  • Agricultural Solution

    Agricultural Solution

    Green Houses Mounting System (ecological solar solution) makes full use of Farming lands and develops clean energy from the sun, bringing a cleaner future to human beings.

  • Carport Solution

    Carport Solution

    Waterproofing Carport Solution for PV Solar Panels can be used as an charging station directly for electrical vehicle once well connected to the charging cabinet.

    Compared with traditional carport, The optimized inner structure on FOEN waterproofing carport top make it possible to lead, collect and emit rainfall with waterproofing system, reaching structural waterproofing and protecting the carport inside effectively. In additional, the non-penetrating joint of water chute can be loaded and disassembled repeatedly, thus reducing on-site workload significantly.