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  • FOEN Smart Window System 5-FOEN J168 Three Linkage Sliding Door

    FOEN Smart Window System 5-FOEN J168 Three Linkage Sliding Door

    FOEN J168 Sliding door system provides a comprehensive solution for the building;Three rubber strips are sealed, and the middle rubber strip gives full play to the function of rain curtain principle, so that the product has good air and water tight performance.Higher metal bearing can realize the opening of large partition, easier to meet the needs of a variety of building partition;The flat design of outdoor frame fans also makes the building appearance more simple and beautiful, suitable for middle and high-end projects.

  • Anodized Aluminum profiles T-slotted

    Anodized Aluminum profiles T-slotted

    We have a professional R&D team to design custom parts for your extrusion needs, and we have a lot of ready-made moulds that can save your cost and time. We offer ODM/OEM service, CAD Drawing and mould design base on your sample. 10-15 Days for mould production and sample testing, with refundable mould cost. Mould test and sample verification before mass production.

  • Aluminum profiles for Sliding Door

    Aluminum profiles for Sliding Door

    FOEN is a leading supplier of high-grade aluminium alloys, which are tailor-made mixtures of aluminium and other metals to enhance and enrich material properties.
    We often develop the alloy in close cooperation with our customers, ensuring a perfect match between the metal and the challenge at hand.

  • 6063 Aluminum profiles for Industrial

    6063 Aluminum profiles for Industrial

    Professional team to ensure product quality

    Our Company has over 32 years experience of aluminum extrusion profile and we have 3500 employees including 40 professional and technical engineers. customers recognized our company’s consistent high quality surface treatment and always preferred to buy our products. Our trademark “FOEN Brand” was awarded the famous brand in China.Our products sells well in domestic market and also exported to International market.

  • Solar Accessories

    Solar Accessories

    FOEN Ground Screw is the new foundation type for the ground mounting system. The Application has been widely applied to develop ground solar projects. Due to its unique design and durable quality, FOEN Ground Screws ensure clients a simpler & Faster installation with high effectiveness.


  • Roof Solution

    Roof Solution

    Tile Roof Solar Mounting System is specially developed for both residential and commercial rooftop solar installations.

  • Ground Mount Solution

    Ground Mount Solution

    Ground Mounted PV Racking Systems are specially designed for large commercial and public utility power stations. Labor cost and installation time can be reduced because of pre-assembled support.

  • Solar Frame

    Solar Frame

    FOEN’s Aluminium construction system,offer high quality Aluminum Solar Frame,you can custom here at competition price. Quality assurance!

  • Aluminium Profile for Window System and Curtain Wall

    Aluminium Profile for Window System and Curtain Wall

    System performance

    • Sound resistance Rw to 48 dB

    • Wind and watertightness to 1000 Pa (depending on design)

    • Anti-burglary

    • High thermal insulation(depending on design)

    System characteristics

    • Unique glazing sizes from 6 through 50 mm

    • High glass weights to 500 kg

    • View width 60 mm

    • Different cover caps on the outside

    • Inside and outside color as desired

  • Anodized Aluminum profiles for window

    Anodized Aluminum profiles for window

    FOEN Group now is a large comprehensive enterprise, specializing in the Research & Development, production as well as sales of Aluminium profile ,window system, solar racking system,aluminum construction formwork, stainless steel tubes and curtain wall accessories.Regarding production lines, We introduced into over 50 sets CNC moulding  equipments, Our annual moulding production capacity more than fifteen thousand pieces which make new design more flexible and faster.

  • Agricultural Solution

    Agricultural Solution

    Green Houses Mounting System (ecological solar solution) makes full use of Farming lands and develops clean energy from the sun, bringing a cleaner future to human beings.

  • Carport Solution

    Carport Solution

    Waterproofing Carport Solution for PV Solar Panels can be used as an charging station directly for electrical vehicle once well connected to the charging cabinet.

    Compared with traditional carport, The optimized inner structure on FOEN waterproofing carport top make it possible to lead, collect and emit rainfall with waterproofing system, reaching structural waterproofing and protecting the carport inside effectively. In additional, the non-penetrating joint of water chute can be loaded and disassembled repeatedly, thus reducing on-site workload significantly.

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